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Satta Matka Result Chart 2018

Satta Matka Result Chart 2018

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The main purpose of sharing this post with you is, that mostly people have some questions in their mind and they send us queries regarding Satta Matka Result Chart. Such queries are like this:

  • Where we get the instant results of Satta Matka Games?
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  • How to make the numbers Satta Matka Games?
  • Tell us some Kalyan Satta Matka tricks.
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So, after getting these types of queries from our users, I thought why not share an amazing and separate post on Satta Matka Games with our Satta Audience.

I’ll not only solve your above queries but also tell you some tricks and tips so that you can easily win in the Satta Matka Games.

Before starting Satta Matka Chart Result 2018 just check out the basic facts about Satta Matka Game.

Facts About Satta Matka 2018 Game

About Satta Matka Game

About Satta Matka Game

Satta Matka games are essentially played offline from home by setting stakes on different markets and on this website you can easily check the Results of Satta Matka Games. Which we provide you on time.

This game is fundamentally similar to a lottery diversion. Both these words “Satta” and “Matka” are utilized together in light of the fact that in the prior days individuals used to play this game with the assistance of an earthen pot(matka), the number slips were kept in the pot and the general population who were intrigued were requested to pick slips from the matka. This game was started in Mumbai and was, for the most part, played in Central Mumbai. These days Mtka games are Illegal in India yet this diversion picked up prevalence between 1970 – 1990.

Nobody can ace this game in light of the fact that everything relies upon your good fortune. One day you will be at the pinnacle and a day or two ago you will losing a nice measure of cash.

At first the wagering rates were as per the opening and shutting rates of cotton which were given by the Bombay Cotton Exchange and New York Cotton Exchange.

In 1961 New York Cotton Exchange Stopped These practices. This diversion is losing its clients step by step since individuals have discovered an option of this game.

For example: lottery, internet wagering on cricket, online clubhouse and some more. At the point when this diversion appeared it was played everywhere in the world yet now it is restricted to two nations, which are India and Pakistan.

Now let us discuss about the Satta Matka Result Chart!!!

Satta Matka Results 2018

As I mentioned above that, the word Matka in Satta is derived from a word for an earthen pot. These pots were used in past to draw the numbers.

Satta Matka is the only game from Mumbai where you can easily earn a lot of money within Few hours.

And the mostly people prefer to play Kalyan Matka, Milan Day/Night Matka, Time Bazar, Main Mumbai, Rajdhani Day/Night Matka, etc. They like to play these games because these are the Big games of Satta Matka.

So guys if you are looking for the Kalyan Satta Matka Chart 2018 and searching for the latest numbers of Satta Matka 2018.

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This site is the quickest website where you’ll get the fastest Result of Satta Matka 2018 Chart today. And we provide you the correct numbers because we’ll get these numbers directly from the Satta Matka Head office which is held in Mumbai.

So guys, Here you will get the Satta Matka 2018 Result today!!!

If you are new in this game and don’t know How to play Satta Matka, and also don’t know about their rules. Then, don’t worry here below you’ll get some simple and easy steps.


First of all, Read some basic rules of Satta Matka Games.

Rules of Satta Matka 2018 Game

Before checking the rules you should know about the types of Satta Matka:

You can play this Satta Matka Game with three types Open, Close, Jodi. It means, you can put your money in Open, Close, and Jodi.

So first, we discuss about What is Open, Close, and Jodi???

What is Open?

It is a Left Side number of the Jodi which is in the middle. Suppose there is a number 250 on the Left side which is also known as Pana or Sangam if we add this number like this 2+5+0=7 then the 7 is known as open.

What is close?

Close is the Right side of the Jodi Which is held in the middle. Suppose there is a number comes 136 on the right side which is called Pana or Sangam if we add the right side Pana numbers like this 1+3+6=10 then, in this case, we only pick the right side number means 0 So here the 0 number is called close.

What is Jodi?

The combination of Open and Close numbers comes from Pana is known as Jodi. For example 2+5+0=7 and 1+3+6=0 then 70 is called Jodi in Satta Matka Result chart 2018.

Main Rules Satta Matka:

Rule No.1: If you play Pana and invest Rs.10 in Satta Matka then you will get Rs.1200 after winning this game.

Rule No.2: If you play Open or close in Main Mumbai Satta Matka and invest Rs.10 on open or close then you will get Rs.90 after winning this game.

Rule No.3: If you play Jodi in Main Mumbai Open Today and invest Rs.10 then you will get Rs.900 after winning this game of Satta Matka.

Now just, follow these steps if you want to learn How To Play Satta Matka Games.

A Quick Guide To Play Satta Matka Chart on Kalyan Matka, Milan Day, Main Mumbai Etc

  1. Firstly, all you need to Search out the agents of Satta Matka in your Area/Locality.
  2. Then request him to put your money on numbers of Satta Matka.
  3. Then tell him the number on which you want to invest your money.
  4. Give the amount of money to the agent which you want to invest in Satta Matka number.
  5. Now, Just wait for that number to come.
  6. Then, you need to check your number of Satta Matka on our site.
  7.  If that number comes in the game then you will win the money otherwise lose it.

Today Satta Matka Guessing Numbers(Confirm/Leak Jodi Number)

Here, I’ll add daily 4 to 5 Satta Matka Guessing numbers that come directly from the Satta Matka office. And the biggest deal for our lovely users of Satta Matka is, that we do not charge any type of Fees for these Satta Matka Guessing numbers.


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Satta Matka Results

Here you’ll get the results of all the games of Satta Matka.

Kalyan Matka Chart Result

Kalyan result opens every day in between 04:26 Pm to 06:26 pm. We will also post the result on Kalyan night. We get the number from the Satta Matka office. This is the most famous game in Mumbai.

Milan Day Matka Result

This is the very famous game in Mumbai a lot of people invest their money in this game. The result comes in between 03:09 pm to 05:09 pm.

Main Mumbai Matka Result Chart

This is an another famous game of Mumbai where many peoples like you and me put their money on numbers. The results of the Main Mumbai open every day in between 09:35 pm to 12:09 am.

Milan Night Matka Result

This game is same as Milan day but it’s open in the night and the timing of opening Milan night is 09:07 pm to 11:09 pm.

Time Bazar Satta Matka Result

This is an another big game of Mumbai most of the peoples like to play this game and the result of this game announced at between 01:05 pm to 02:05 pm.

Rajdhani Satta Matka Result

There are two games in Rajdhani first is Rajdhani day which gets opened at between 02:55 pm to 04:55 pm. the second game is Rajdhani night which gets opened between 09:15 pm to 11:55 pm.

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