Hi friends, Are you searching for the Satta King Result 2018 Chart? Are you looking for the Satta King Guessing number? Do you want to know latest Satta King Outcomes?


5:05 AM

18 _ 17


6:05 PM

31 _ 94


8: 05 PM

54 _ 66


11: 25 PM

51 _ 

Shalimar Gold

03:30 pM

92 _ 74

TAJ - ताज

2:30 PM

66 _ 40


10:05 PM

81 _ 


5:30 PM

75 _ 38


10:00 PM

35 _ 40

Mayapuri - मायापुरी

06:30 pM

38 _ 15


03:20 PM

05 _ 51

Super delhi

4.30 pM

63 _ 99


9:00 pM

70 _ 


9.05 PM

07 _ 84


9:50 PM

32 _ 31


10:10 PM

74 _ 48


3.15 PM

09 _ 54

Jaipur gold

10:20 PM

82 _ 





10:45 pM

85 _ 



98 _ 52




10:30 pM

33 _ 20




1:00 pM



4:10 PM

37 _ 45

आप का रिजल्ट

00:00 AM

00 _ 00

आप का रिजल्ट

00:00 AM

00 _ 00

आप का रिजल्ट

00:00 AM

00 _ 00

आप का रिजल्ट

00:00 AM

00 _ 00

आप का रिजल्ट

00:00 AM

00 _ 00

आप का रिजल्ट

00:00 AM

00 _ 00

आप का रिजल्ट

00:00 AM

00 _ 00

आप का रिजल्ट

00:00 AM

00 _ 00

If you have all these questions in your mind then don’t worry as here I’ll solve your queries by providing you all the information regarding Satta King Results Today.

Satta King Result(Chart) 2018

Satta King Result(Chart) 2018

So guys, In this post you’ll get the latest Satta King Outcomes, Satta King ChartSatta king guessing number. Not only this, I’ll also tell you some awesome and amazing tricks of Satta King and Satta King Leak Number so that you can easily earn a lot of money.

This place is the perfect place for all Satta King lovers because here you’ll get all the important things related Satta King such as Gali Leak Number, Gali Single Jodi, Gali, Desawer Number Result. So here I’ll make your work easy by solving your all difficulties that you all are facing from many days.

And if you are new in Satta King then I’ll also tell you How to play Satta King. And also provide you the Satta Deshawar Single Jodi, satta king in, Satta Results, Satta King Leak Number, Online Satta King Game, satta king forum 1126874, satta baba king, satta don, satta don 001, hot satta.

So without wasting more time let’s start with Satta King Result Today!!!

Satta King Result (Chart) 2018

Satta King Chart

Satta King Chart

Before talking about the Satta King Result Chart 2018 we discuss some facts about Satta King…

Facts About Satta King:

Satta King game is widely played in North and West Zone of India like Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Goa, and many places in Maharashtra.

The 4 most popular games of Satta King are Gali, Desawer, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad. The people like to play these 4 games widely because with the help of these games you can easily earn a lot of money in the short time period.

Some of the small games of Satta King are Delhi Darbar, KG, Kashipur, Taj, Dishawar Day & Night, Faridabad Night, up game king, Satta Baba King, etc.

Each game of Satta King contains 00 to 100 numbers. In which only one number opens daily and the result shows in our Satta King Result Chart 2018. So in these games of Satta King, you just need to choose a correct number.

For Example: If you put Rs.10 on a number then you will get Rs.900 after winning. But.. keep in mind if you win the agent will take a commission of 10% of your total amount.

Important: You should have to tell your number and give your payment to Satta King Agent before 2 Hrs of the result open. Otherwise, Agent doesn’t put your money on your given number.

Now we’ll discuss about the types of games in Satta King!!

Types of Games In Satta King:

There are two types of games which you can play in Satta King both games are given below and their brief information also available.

So Check these Out Quickly!!!

  • Jodi Satta King
  • Haruf Satta King

Jodi in Satta King

Jodi is defined as a number which is made by two letters of numbers. There are 99 jodies and 9 joda in the game of Satta King. And if you are confusing between Joda and Jodi then I’ll solve it here. Guys, Joda is that number which is made by Same numbers.

For Example:

1. Joda:- 11, 22, 33, 44, 55,———–,99

2. Jodi:-  01, 02,—–, 10, 11, 12,——–,99

Haruf in Satta King

As you know that the number which is made of two letters is known as Jodi. And in Haruf the right or left side of Jodi is called Haruf. The left side of the jodi is called Andar(Inner Side) and the Right side of the Jodi is called Bahar(outer side).

For Example:- If we pick a random number 57 then 5 is the Andar and 7 is Bahar

These above are the basic about the Satta King. Now let’s start with Satta King Result 2018 Chart.

Below you’ll get the real-time Gali Satta King Effect, Deshawar Satta consequences, Faridabad Outcomes, Delhi Darbar Satta result, satta king upward gambling king. We’ll even provide Complimentary Satta King Jodi Number along with harruf number with no money so that you build an income at no cost!!!

Note: Satta King or all the related games of the Satta King are strictly prohibited in India. Means, a these a games are Illegal in India. So, play Satta King at your own risk.

Satta King Chart(Result) Today

Here you’ll get the Latest Satta King Chart 2018 of all Satta King games such as Gali, Deshawar, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Etc.

So check out the latest Satta King Result 2018.

Gali Satta King Result Chart

Here you’ll get the latest Gali Chart 2018. And the result of Gali Satta opened in between 10:30-11:00 pm in India. So you’ll get the latest result of Gali Satta King after the result announced by the Satta King office. We also have Fix Gali Satta King Leak Number

Desawar Satta King Chart

This popular game of Satta King open daily at 5:05 am. And here you’ll get the latest Desawar Satta King Chart here and I’ll tell you the result of Desawar Satta King after the result declared. We also have Confirm Desawar Satta King Leak Number.

Faridabad Satta King/Chart

Here I’ll provide the latest Faridabad Satta Chart where you can easily check the daily results of Faridabad Satta king after the result declared. This game opens every day at 6:05 PM.

Desawar Din Satta King

This is another game of Desawar which gets opened at 05:15 PM. Alot of people put their money in this game and earn lakhs of money. This game is opened in Dubai and lakhs of people participate on this game every day. for disawar satta today result.

Delhi Express

Delhi Express is the game of Delhi where people put money and win in Delhi Satta. This game get opened at 04:15 PM everyday. If you want to play in this Delhi express, then call us now.

Ghaziabad Satta

Ghaziabad game is one other famous up game king where mostly people like you and me put their money. The amount of money in this game is very huge.

Bangalore Satta Chart

This game of Bangalore game is generally played in Karnataka and Bangalore. This game is very famous in South India and alot of people play this game as well. i will update the numbers of this game everyday at 9:00 PM.

Up Game King / Satta King Chart up

This is satta king up game king where you will get their results for Satta King up gaming. up game king is a different type of game where you have to see the first number of the result and the winner will get the money.

So make sure you also checkout the Up game king chart, upgameking guess and Satta king up chart.

Satta Don

Satta Don is a place you will get the latest number of Gali Satta, Deshawar Satta, Satta King, Ghaziabad Satta, Faridabad Satta. You will also get results and number for Satta King results, Gali Satta Result chart today.

Satta King Guessing & Satta King Leak Number

Satta King Guessing Numbers:

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Satta King Leak Number:

If you are playing Satta king games from many times then you surely know that no one provides you Satta King Leak Number for free.


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